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 Self-Compassion Workshop

Image by Konstantin Kleine

About my Self-Compassion Workshop

As part of my services, I offer a 60 or 90 minute Self-Compassion Workshop to any businesses, companies, schools, and/or group of people that would like to learn this essential skill. We all carry self-critical voices in our head as we manage our day-to-day. This is the voice that tells us to be “perfect” or that we are “not good enough.” This way of treating ourselves creates more pain, sadness, anxiety, and disconnection because we are not on our side when failure and/or adversity occurs. Instead, we turn against ourselves leaving us with further diminished self-worth. Self-Compassion is the anecdote to self-criticism.

My workshop presents the Self-Compassion components paired with skills to help you learn to treat yourself with more compassion, understanding, and gain a greater sense of connection within yourself and lead to greater compassion for others. 


Why is this useful you say?! Backed by research, learning the skill of self-compassion can help improve relationships, self-esteem, productivity, coping skills, depression, and anxiety (just to name a few).


“The real difficulty is to overcome
how you think about yourself.”

~ Maya Angelou

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