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My Approach


I approach my work through the lens of an integrative and holistic therapist. This means I work with each client to create a plan of treatment that best fits each person and promotes long-term healing and growth (refraining from a cookie cutter approach). Our work begins with building a collaborative relationship to instill trust, compassion, and safety.

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My background is grounded in Psychodynamic and Interpersonal perspectives paired with Contemplative Psychology (Study of Self-Compassion, Meditation, and Mindfulness). These perspectives help guide treatment as a way of understanding how your past impacts your present and create new ways of being in your world. Although I work with multiple presenting concerns, I have discovered a common obstacle among clients is how they relate with themselves (i.e. severe self-criticism) and subsequently relate with the world (i.e. relational patterns that create distress). 

This process then manifests into or intensifies symptoms (i.e. depression, anxiety, recurring trauma, low self-worth, and/or relationship issues, to name a few). Interpersonal work allows an individual to explore their sense of self, build awareness, and add language to their past experiences that create obstacles in their present. Essentially, getting to the root of your concerns. Understanding and learning how to express your emotions is incredibly important as well. This process can be uncomfortable at times, but ultimately, can lead to a profound sense of relief and personal growth.



My style as a therapist is to provide much warmth, curiosity, compassion, and humor to help each client engage in a productive way of understanding themselves and their mental functioning. We explore together at a pace that best works for you.


My approach also incorporates helping clients learn skills to tend to and nurture their body. Our bodies store our untapped pain and experiences. I incorporate mindfulness, meditation practices and principles, somatic experiencing, and functional nutrition resources/referrals as part of treatment. I have personally experienced the power of a mind-body approach to healing and my intention is to pay that knowledge forward.  

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Schedule a free consultation with me to learn more and to see if I may be the right fit for what you’re looking for.

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